Meet our Muse: Photographer Gigi Aly

Gigi Aly otherwise known as @allthewildair is a photographer and digital storyteller based New York. We first discovered Gigi, who is of Egyptian decent - by stumbling across her incredible travel photography of Cairo. Since then, we've followed along her adventures - her most recent travelling through California (and wearing Bianca Mavrick Jewellery!)
Gigi, you are such an artful traveller - always seeking out the most aligned aesthetic wonders when you travel! We were so excited to see wear some iconic Bianca Mavrick earrings on your latest trip through Palm Springs, Santa Monica and Joshua Tree National Park.
Gigi wears the Asta Earrings in Peach
Could you tell us about what inspired your latest travels across California? What destination or experience made its mark on you?
I guess the stars just aligned, an opportunity to work with a hotel in Palm Springs hotel presented itself and I just had to take advantage and plan a little SoCal road trip. The desert is my favorite place to be, so Palm Springs and Joshua Tree were always high on my bucket list. I’m already trying to plan a trip back!
Tell us more about how you plan your trips - I am particularly a huge lover of having a schedule and researching! I know you love creating a great starred google map!
I do a ton of research regularly and create organized bookmark lists, so I pull from those when I plan a trip. I am also big advocate of everything Google, so Google Maps Google Trips to really help me figure out the logistic and organize it all. I still make sure to fit in some slow travel time to wander aimlessly; nothing is as special than stumbling upon something novel.
When living out of a suitcase, what is your approach to bringing jewellery and accessories along on your travels?
I’m always too worried to put my jewelry in my suitcase, so I carry it all in my personal item and without fail, they arouse suspicion every time I go through security.
How would you describe your jewellery style?
It has been constantly changing, I went through a phase where I would only wear very bold, statement pieces followed by an ultra minimal phase. Now I like to alternate between the two. I also must admit that I often rush out of my house (I’m always running late) and forget to accessorize; so now I carry some staple pieces in my purse, so I can throw them on later. I think most of my friends would describe my style as a bit weird, overall, I gravitate toward “odd” things.
Who influenced your sense of style the most growing up?
I honestly can’t place it, but I think subconsciously it must have been my mother, she always had a unique and strong sense of style. I loved seeing her outfits when I went through our box of old photographs. I mix in some of her pieces into my wardrobe today. I grew up proud of being different and the things I wore had to represent that! I never wanted wear what all the other kids were wearing just to fit in.
all the wild air
I have a habit of collecting a piece of jewellery to commemorate a trip when I travel - do you have any favourite pieces you've found along the way?
I am most drawn to pieces that have a tribal vibe, especially to Bedouin/Berber accessories. I found a few beautiful necklaces at a vintage shop in Egypt. They are my favorite, I have them hanging in my room as art, haven’t even worn them yet. I also have a collection of Arabic calligraphy brass pieces that I wear regularly.
What is your favourite Bianca Mavrick earring and why? 
The instantly fell in love with the Scroll Earrings, it really caught my eye! I love the combination of the eccentric geometry and the neutral palette.
Thanks Gigi! Follow along Gigi’s adventures @allthewildair on Instagram.